Buy or Bye: Skindinavia Oil-Control Review

Buy or Bye: Skindinavia Oil-Control Review

I am an oily girl. There is no doubting that. My t-zone is always shining, but I refuse to let that get in the way of me and my makeup! I am constantly on the hunt for primers and setting sprays that can help control my oil throughout the day when I am wearing makeup. After looking at reviews on Youtube I heard a lot of good things about the Skindinavia Oil-Control primer and setting sprays.

So I bought both sprays, and for a good deal might I add. I got two full sized bottles (4 fl.oz) along with two travel size (.66 fl. oz) mini’s for $38! That’s a steal when each full size bottle retails for $29 each or you can get both for $50 (no minis)!

So I initially tested the Skindinavia sprays out in Florida while on vacation and then also when I returned home to Maryland. I figured trying it out in the Florida heat would be a true testament to it’s longevity and wearability.

After using it in both states I must say that it does what is claims. This primer and setting spray honestly have helped control my oil under my makeup. I can go at least 4-6 hours before I have to blot any excess oil. That is the longest any product has worked for me, even matte finish setting sprays!

I think that using both products is important because they work together as a unit. I feel my skin mattefying when I spray the primer and also have noticed that it does help minimize my pores. I can also honestly say that the primer does help to mattefy my skin because I moisturize with pure vitamin E oil, so you can imagine the difference I see before and after I apply it. Throughout the day, I am able to blot with a blotting sheet and spray the finishing spray and continue for the duration of the day.

Overall I give this product two thumbs up and highly recommend it if you are on the oily side and are looking for products to keep you matte. A touch up here or there throughout the day is necessary, for me at least, but I am still impressed with the finished look that I get from using both sprays and with how long I am able to go before I need to touch up.

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