F*#k the Dermatologist


First off, I’m in my 20’s and I’m still getting acne. I think it’s safe to say I’M PISSED!

But now that that’s out the way, I did what I thought was right and went to the dermatologist. This is something I have done for years now because unfortunately I do have acne prone skin but this time was the last time for me.

As I waited in the exam room I just knew the doctor would ask a few questions about my lifestyle and diet, look at my skin, try to figure out the underlining problem and find a true solution but no! She didn’t even take a damn seat! She asked what prescriptions I was currently on and just prescribed me something else.

The lack of time, care, and interpersonal connection pissed me off and made me feel like a science experiment. How could you prescribe me something by just looking at me for 5 minutes from across the room?

So fast forward, I get a call from the pharmacist telling me that one prescription is $40 and the other is $75. Let me get this straight, after I’ve paid you over $100 for a 7 minute visit, you now want me to pay more money for products that are not going to get to the root of the problem and will stop working after a few months? I see what’s going on here, you want me to be stuck in this cycle and never heal my acne so that you and the pharmaceutical companies can keep getting paid. Na, I’m good off that!

So what did I do you ask? I did what I always do, I went on Youtube (lol). Yes I know that everything on there is not correct, but it was definitely a start for my research on acne and how to heal it, naturally.

After doing initial research on what she prescribed me and reading and seeing the horror stories of others that used it, I knew I wanted no parts of any more chemical remedies and decided that no matter how long or tough it would be, I wanted to try this the natural way.

The overwhelming answer to my acne problems kept coming back the same: it starts with your gut health. So now I’m on a journey to heal my gut and get rid of this acne from the inside out…which sounds like the right way to me!

I know that this may not cure my acne forever, but I am hopeful that it will calm it down and bring me some lasting relief. I’ve seen and read nothing but good things about people’s skin changing drastically for the better when they start taking care of their gut healt, so stay tuned to find out what I’m doing to heal my acne and if this natural stuff really works.

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