Finding the Perfect Red Lip

Finding the Perfect Red Lip

I know the search to find “the perfect red lip” is like digging for a needle in a haystack but don’t be discouraged because the perfect shade of red for every skin tone is out there. All you need is some patience to find it, but lucky for you I have done the grunge work for you and found some simple ways to decide which red lip is for you.

Step 1: Determine your skin tone
The basic categories for skin tones include, (from lightest to darkest):

Fair | i.e. Cameron Diaz, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Kidman
Beige | i.e. Lauren Conrad, Jessica Beal, Anne Hathaway
Olive | i.e. Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes
Caramel (Tan) | i.e. Sanaa Lathan, Kerry Washington, Beyonce
Almond (Medium) | i.e. Jennifer hudson, Gabrielle Union, Brandy Norwood
Cocoa (Dark) | i.e. Lupita Nyong’O, Serena Williams, Keisha Knight-Pulliam

Once you determine your skin tone, half the battle is over because your skin tone determines which red lip is best for you.


Step 2: Follow the rules


  • Coral and pink hued reds look best on lighter skin tones. Overpowering this skin tone is very important to be aware of and these shades will not do that; they can be more natural looking with a matte-finish. Avoid super glossy finishes as they can be over-whelming.


  • True reds and berry shades are best for beige skin tones. Classic red brings out golden undertones as well as whitens teeth. Cranberry and cherry shades will keep the look playful and less formal.


  • Play around with browner shades of red. Where these brick hues would wash out lighter skin tones and would be lost on darker skin tones, they are ideal for olive and medium skin tones; they add a pop to your look without stealing the spotlight!


  • Lucky you, red lipstick is very versatile on this skin tone. Matte shades with more orange and brown look subtle enough for everyday wear; glossy or satin-finish berries, true red, and wine shades are perfect for a more glamorous look.

Almond & Cocoa

  • Wine, burgundy, and deep cranberry shades are ideal for these skin tones. These hues will show just enough red without being overly bright. Darker shades of true red pop nicely against darker skin tones. Be careful not to choose a red that is too dark or too brown (brick reds).

Remember that there are undertones (cool, warm and neutral) for each skin tone. These undertones also play a role in which red lip will look best on you. Visit your local Sephora, MAC, or Ulta to receive assistance from a makeup artist in properly determining your skin tone and undertone

These tips are to help you begin your journey in finding your perfect red lip. Experiment and remember that make up should be fun! You never truly know if something will or won’t look good on you until you try.

TIP: take advantage of places like Sephora that allow you to test products and supply you with FREE samples (most times lol). Also, if you choose a shade that turns out to be brighter than you thought it would be, add lipliner to it to tone it down!

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