The short version of Mya Angelic is: A lover of wine, skincare, affordable fashion/beauty products, and binge watching tv shows (especially Say Yes to the Dress) and youtube. To my friends I am the budget friendly bestie that is always saying everything you’re thinking and the biggest social introvert you’ll ever meet. That’s really where it all started for me, being a frugal, social introvert with a lot of opinions.

As a native of Maryland, I attended Bowie State University for undergrad and American University for graduate school. After graduating with a BS in public relations and a MA in strategic communications I went on to be an operations manager for a construction company but was always more interested in flat lays and finding the best fashion deals than blueprints, Excel spreadsheets and Quickbooks.

When I’m not making sure that plumbing and heating fixtures are installed on time and invoices are being billed out and paid, I love looking for designer dupes online, researching skincare and new products to try, and having #LeHussieWinningWeekends with my two best friends (aka Le Hussies). If I’m not creating memorable moments with family and friends, you’ll usually find me curled up on the couch watching Lifetime movies and HGTV with my mom.

This is my happy place – my little baby – my creative outlet where I talk about pretty much any and everything that goes on in my life. This blog was created for girls like me: The girls who want to live a lavish lifestyle, but on a low budget. The girls who know they’re destined to be great but are still finding their way. The girls who balance it all, make it look easy, but aren’t afraid to admit it’s not. The girls that are misunderstood but are learning to love the sound of their voice, the skin they’re in, and believing in every risk that they take.

If you’re one of those girls, welcome home! Here we’ll have down to earth, relatable, unfiltered girl talk because at the end of the day I’m #JustAnotherGirl.  I hope you can relate and enjoy!

xo, Mya Angelic